Never stop learning

Whether you are just learning the basics or you are a true Bachata Die-hard, at Bachata Passion we have classes for all levels. Learn how to dance Bachata BP Style and we will keep challenging and improving your dancing in our classes.

With a special focus on partnering technique our classes will teach you how to become a better Bachata dancer. We will teach you all about partnering, leading, following, and musicality; with the goal of improving you personally as a dancer.

Our classes follow a clear structure to teach you that Bachata is way more than only 1, 2, 3, tap. And by not focusing on only the Bachata Moderna, Sensual or Traditional/Dominican but rather embracing all different Bachata styles, you will be taught the Bachata Fusion style created by Geno & Steffie. The result is a combination of quick footworks with beautiful partnerwork, body isolations and sensual movements.

The only risk of taking our classes is that you will become (even more) addicted to this beautiful, passionate, sensual, challenging and very addictive dance called BACHATA!

Join the passion with BP!

Join our Bachata Passion Dance Academy

+ You have a passion for Bachata?
+ You want to improve your dancing?
+ You want to follow at least 1,5 hour of class a week.
+ You are eager to learn new moves, techniques and styles.
+ You care about learning the correct leading/following technique.
+ You enjoy learning in a fun family atmosphere.

Is this you? Then the Bachata Passion Dance Academy is the place for YOU!

This academy is our second home where we spend a lot of time dancing, teaching, practicing and quality time with our whole Bachata Passion family.

This is not your average danceschool, at Bachata Passion we take it one step further! From Beginners to Advanced, from Sensual to Dominican: Bachata Passion is the place to be! With a strong focus on technique and development of you as dancer, you will not just learn nice figures but also learn more about the musicality, creativity, and great leading & following so you will really learn how to dance with anyone. We do not work with seasons, instead our class continue all year long. You become a member, have entrance to all the socials, discount to events and we will work in the classes to train you for your Bachata certificates. Since we do not have specific seasons, you can join our Academy at anytime!

Did you know? Bachata Passion is the only certified Bachata Sensual school in the Netherlands! Thus the best place to learn all about this amazing and sensual Bachata style that is now becoming really popular on the dancefloor.

Join our external classes

Are you just starting with Bachata or you prefer to follow a course of 10 weeks, you can join our classes at the following dance schools throughout the Netherlands:

SalsaventuraAmsterdam, Delft, Den Haag, Utrecht, Rotterdam
At 4 different locations in the Netherlands we teach Bachata for Salsaventura. You can join the following classes:

Bachata Beginners
Bachata Intermediate
Bachata Sensual

In the Beginners class you will learn the basics of Bachata with the correct technique. The Crossover class is for the dancers that already know the basics but are looking for more! We will introduce you to Bachata Sensual and the BP Bachata turns.
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Salsa Sol
Salsa SolBreda

At the danceschool SalsaSol in Breda we teach once a week on the Wednesdays. Join our Bachata night in Breda with the following classes:

Wednesday: 19.00 – 20.00 Bachata Beginners
Wednesday: 20.00 – 21.00 Bachata Improvers
Wednesday: 21.00 – 22.00 Bachata Intermediate