This year we started with a new concept called BOOST. An event especially for the Bachata dancer that is looking to give their dancing an extra boost and that is excited to keep on learning and improving.

We enjoy spreading the passion, teaching and sharing our knowledge, but we ourselves also have dancers we look up to for inspiration and dancers that we enjoy learning from. Which we also want to share with you!

For our BOOST events we will invite teachers to come teach at our dance academy in The Hague. They will give a bootcamp in which they will challenge you with new combinations and techniques. The BOOST events will focus on improving your Bachata and are aimed at the more advanced Bachata dancers, bringing you amazing teachers from Cadiz, Gran Canaria, Madrid, Tenerife and many more to come.

Want to secure your spot? Do not wait any longer and sign up now for the upcoming BOOST events.

10 December 2016 – Jony & Noe
11 March 2017 – Pablo & Raquel
24 June 2017 – Sergio & Yocelin


Once a month we organize our BP+1 Socials at the Bachata Passion Academy in the Hague. A social dance night for all our Bachata members and students, and their +1’s. It is a family event with our very own DJ Arvan Sens that will make sure you don’t want to leave the dancefloor, with a lot of Bachata mixed with some Salsa & Kizomba.  Everyone is welcome to come and practice the moves from the classes, to get to know your fellow BP members and to dance non-stop till your feet hurt!

The start of the party is always different, we love fun & games and will aim to surprise you at every edition.

We only have limited tickets, and there is no ticketsale at the door. So if you want to come make sure you register before the party. You can register by email or in the classes. If you are not a BP member or don’t know a member, but you would love to come: send us an email!

Upcoming editions:
10 March

19 May