BP Team

Bachata Passion Dance Company consists of multiple teams of different levels and different styles. A diverse, fun, motivated, a little crazy and energetic group of people that together are one big BP family.

The learning never stops. Bachata Passion has several performance teams, all at different levels or with a different focus. Each team practices to learn a choreography made specifically for them.
During the practices you will not only learn the choreograhpy, but you will be trained in your bachata techniques, footworks, partnerwork, performance skills, musicality and bodymovement.
Being part of a Bachata Passion performance team will therefore not only make you a better performer, but will also really help you to improve in your social dancing.

Take your dancing career to the next level and become a Bachata performer. You can start by training in one of our student teams and then continue to grow to our Semi-Pro and Pro-teams. The weekly practices with your team will help you to develop as a dancer both in performing and social dancing.

Bachata Passion is not only focussed on the personal development of their team members, but also on the continuous development of Bachata dancing. Join us to spread the knowledge, technique and passion to get the BP style Bachata on the dancefloor and show that Bachata is so much more than 1, 2, 3, tap. Don’t just sit back and watch but be part of this development as a BP ambassador!

Why become a Bachata Passion teammember?
Take your dancing to next level
Improve your dancing through weekly practices focussed on bachata techniques, footworks, partnerwork, performance skills, musicality and bodymovement.

Perform on national and international stages
Get the chance to perform on both national and international stages with your Bachata Passion team. Experience the adrenaline rush you get from performing and meet many (inter)national performers.

Exclusive events
When you join the Bachata Passion family you are invited to several exclusive events that are just for you. A way to get to know the other teams, have fun together and share your passion!

BP Ambassador
Once you are part of the Bachata Passion family you are also a BP ambassador! All BP ambassadors work together to spread the passion and inspire people through the shows, workshops and social dancing. Together we show the world that Bachata is so much more than 1, 2, 3, tap.

Join the family, join the fun
Become part of the Bachata Passion family and join us to parties, festivals and congresses. As a family we go to many events to dance till we drop, have fun together and spread the PASSION.

You can become part of the Bachata Passion teams by joining the auditions. During the auditions you will be taught a small part of a choreography to see at what level you are. Depending on your level and the available spaces per team, after the audition you will be invited to join a specific team.

Once you are part of the BP teams you have the possibility to grow and promote to a higher team and/or train to become a BP qualified teacher.

The possibilities are endless, join the team and discuss your growth opportunities, your goals and ambitions. This is just the beginning, join Bachata Passion now and be part of the development of not only your team, your BP family but also of Bachata dancing in the Netherlands and wherever we go!

Let’s spread the PASSION!