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This is especially for all the Die-Hard Bachata dancers:

+ You have a passion for Bachata?
+ You want to improve your dancing?
+ You want to follow at least 1,5 hour of class a week.
+ You are eager to learn new moves, techniques and styles.
+ You care about learning the correct leading/following technique.
+ You enjoy learning in a fun family atmosphere.

Is this you? Then the Bachata Passion Dance Academy is the place for YOU

Bachata Passion Academy

From theĀ 6-12 January 2020 we organize an Experience Week in which you are welcome to come and experience the passion.

Bachata Passion Academy is not your average dance school, we take it one step further! From Beginners to Advanced, from Sensual to Dominican: Bachata Passion is the place to be! With a strong focus on technique and development of you as dancer, you will not just learn nice figures but also learn more about the musicality, creativity, and great leading & following so you will really learn how to dance with anyone.

Did you know? Bachata Passion is the only certified Bachata Sensual school in the Netherlands! Thus the best place to learn all about this amazing and sensual Bachata style that is now becoming really popular on the dance floor.

Join us for a week to experience all levels that we teach, and see what level & class is right for you!