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Welcome! It is awesome that you are interested in taking Bachata classes with us.

We guarantee you that a week with our Bachata Passion family will add value to your live in the most positive ways. So start today!

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What is the difference between Private Lessons and Group Lessons?2015-10-01T16:19:08+01:00

In a group lesson you will follow a specific class structure and will be among other students of your level.
The atmosphere is fun but with a strong focus on technique.
We switch partners regularly during the class to ensure that you learn how to dance with anyone!

Do you offer Private Lessons or Group Lessons?2015-10-01T16:23:24+01:00

We offer both Private and Group lessons.
Check our page Classes to find out more about the group lessons that we give.
And contact us by email or phone to schedule a private class.

Do I need to have a partner to dance?2015-10-01T16:24:07+01:00

You do not need a partner for our classes, we aim to ensure a good balance between women and men.
We always change partners during the class, that way you get to dance with everyone in the class.

What should I wear to my Bachata class?2017-01-26T16:13:04+01:00

Make sure you wear something comfortable.

Where do you teach Bachata?2017-01-30T15:45:41+01:00

We teach weekly classes in Den Haag, Rotterdam, Breda, Delft and Utrecht.
Besides the weekly classes we teach workshops and bootcamps throughout the world.
See our calendar for more information on where we will be.
If you would like us to come to a place near you, then contact us per email for all possibilities.

How do I know which level of classes I should follow ?2016-06-02T15:16:41+01:00

This is always difficult to tell without seeing you dance.
We therefore suggest you follow our free try-out classes,
there we will advise you on which level we think you should follow.

First Lessons

Every class is between 60-90 minutes long performed in small groups of people who want to develop their Bachata skills.

 * Some prior Bachata experience is necessary *

You don’t need to be flexible, you don’t need to be a professional dancer. you don’t need to be strong, you don’t need to be fit, you don’t need  a new pair of shoes, nor do you need to know all the bachata songs from heart. But at this moment we have no classes for complete Beginners at our Academy, so if you know the basic step of the Bachata that will help a lot!

Our classes are designed to be very accessible to everyone, so with a little practice and experience you will feel better and on your way to master the Bachata moves. Bachata is a great dance for everyone who wants to challenge themselves and are willing to learn.

Come take your first class, and then take classes as often as you possibly can.

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