Bachata Classes

Join our classes! Whether you are just learning the basics or you are a true Bachata Die-hard, at Bachata Passion we have classes for all levels. Learn how to dance Bachata BP Style and we will keep challenging and improving your dancing in our classes.

With a special focus on partnering technique our classes will teach you how to become a better Bachata dancer. We will teach you all about partnering, leading, following, and musicality; with the goal of improving you personally as a dancer.

Our classes follow a clear structure to teach you that Bachata is way more than only 1, 2, 3, tap. And by not focusing on only the Bachata Moderna, Sensual or Traditional/Dominican but rather embracing all different Bachata styles, you will be taught the Bachata Fusion style created by Geno & Steffie. The result is a combination of quick footworks with beautiful partnerwork, body isolations and sensual movements.

The only risk of taking our classes is that you will become (even more) addicted to this beautiful, passionate, sensual, challenging and very addictive dance called BACHATA!

Join the passion with BP!


Follow our Bachata lessons at various locations throughout the Netherlands.

We have our own Bachata Passion Dance Academy locations in The Hague, Amsterdam, Nijmegen and Tilburg.

For the schedules per location click here:

Bachata Passion Academy (Amsterdam)

Bachata Passion Academy (The Hague)

Bachata Passion Academy (Nijmegen)

Bachata Passion Academy (Tilburg)