Bachata Classes

Join our classes! Whether you are just learning the basics, or you are a true Bachata Die-hard. At Bachata Passion we offer classes for all levels. We will teach you how to dance Bachata with all the correct techniques. Let us challenge you and help you improve your dancing!

Our Academies are known for having a special focus on technique and musicality in the classes. This makes BP the perfect place to learn all about Bachata.

At our Academy we follow a clear structure to teach you that Bachata is way more than only 1, 2, 3, tap. Within Bachata there are three main styles at the moment: Bachata Moderna, Bachata Sensual and Traditional/Dominican. Rather than focusing on one of these styles, instead we embrace all different Bachata styles. The result is a combination of quick footwork with beautiful partnerwork, body isolations and sensual movements.

In conclusion there is one risk of taking our classes: you will become (even more) addicted to this beautiful, passionate, sensual, challenging and very addictive dance called BACHATA!

Join the passion with BP!


Follow our classes at various locations throughout the Netherlands or join us Online.

We teach weekly classes at our Academy locations in The Hague, Amsterdam, Nijmegen and Tilburg. Come dance with us at these 4 locations. Or choose to join us from the comfort of your own home in the online classes.
Curious? Scroll down for the schedule of all Bachata Passion classes. Or click on the button for more information per location.

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You are always more than welcome for a free trial class. The best way to experience if Bachata Passion is the place for you!