Welcome to my first Blog post! I usually share my passion with you in my classes, shows and dances. But I want to connect with you even more.  So, I am excited to welcome you to my Blog! This is the place where I will share everything with you!


Let me introduce myself. I am Steffie, a Dutch woman with a huge passion for Bachata. Together with Geno, we run Bachata Passion and are extremely grateful that we have managed to turn our passion into a business.

My background isn’t easy to summarize in 1 sentence, let’s say it is diverse. I grew up in Nijmegen for the first 11 years of my life, then moved to a small village close to Zwolle. As soon as I finished high-school I moved to Spain to learn Spanish and escape the Netherlands. Then I came back to live & study Political Science at the University in Maastricht. With my Bachelor in the pocket I moved to the Hague for an exciting internship in anti-terrorism research. It was here in the Hague that I found my place. I met amazing people, fell in love, and found my passion for dancing. For the first time I could say I did not look forward to leaving. So, I didn’t! I finished my master’s in international Relations at the University of Leiden and found a job at a big IT company in the Hague.

Now you might wonder how a girl with all these degrees ends up running a dance company. Trust me even I still wonder how we got here sometimes. Which is why I started writing. Writing helps me put everything in perspective.


In this blog I will share with you my stories and experiences. Both the positive and the negative parts. I will take you behind the scenes and share all my thoughts about Bachata, building a business, running a dance school, dancing, struggles, positivity and everything else I am passionate about! Hopefully I can inspire you to dream big, work hard, follow your passions and enjoy life!

I really look forward to hearing your stories and hope you will enjoy reading mine. If there is anything you are curious about, I want you to feel free and ask away. This world can use a little bit more curiosity and less judgement. Together we will make this a safe place to share!

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Dansniveaus  Bachata dansen kun je op verschillende manieren en niveaus doen. Maar één ding is zeker: Iedereen